Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival


B.I.GBIFAN Industry Gathering


Title |
BIFAN Industry Gathering (B.I.G)

date |
30(Sun) June ~ 4(Thur) July 2019

Venue |
Koryo Hotel,
Bucheon City Hall Fantastic
Korea Manhwa Museum,
Bucheon City Central Park

BIFAN Industry Gathering (B.I.G) is a program that promotes the balanced growth of Korea's film industry, boosts the production of genre films by developing various types of infrastructure in order to keep pace with the continuous progress of Asia's film industry, and surveys new technologies being introduced in the industry. B.I.G is composed of four industry programs: Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF), which aims to promote the production of genre films and to discover new projects and talents; Made in Asia, which was created to investigate the trends in Asia's mainstream film industry and to facilitate the interaction between Asia's leading producers; Korea Now, which provides support to the Korean film industry by cooperating with the various sectors of the domestic film industry; and lastly, New Media, which introduces new technology and media within the film industry such as VR and OTT platforms.