Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival


Network of Asian Fantastic Films(NAFF) 2019

The Network of Asian Fantastic Films (hereafter NAFF) was launched in 2008 for the purpose of promoting genre film production and development, and has become BIFAN's representative film industry program. For the last 12 years, it has been continuously receiving love and support from genre film professionals for being a platform for film production support, education, and global exchange/networking.
Entering its 12th edition in 2019, NAFF has been continuing to look beyond Asia. It has been working to promote active interaction and cooperation between the East-West film industries via the Sitges Pitchbox - the industry program of what is considered to be one of the best genre film festivals, the Sitges Film Festival. NAFF has also been giving its support to the revival of genre films from the Nordic region via the Nordic Genre Invasion. Also, in further efforts to boost the worldwide genre film market, NAFF created a section last year to introduce a project for Blood Window - an industry program for South America's largest fantastic film market, Ventana Sur.

Date 30(Sun) June ~ 4(Thur) July
Fantastic Film School 27(Thur) June ~ 4(Thur) July
Venues Koryo Hotel, Bucheon City Hall Fantastic Cube
Features Fantastic Project Market : It Project, Project Spotlight India, Nordic Genre Invasion, Blood Window, Sitges Pitchbox
Fantastic Film School : An In-Depth Film Education Program for Young and Talented Filmmakers
Presented by Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN)